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IJI▓NG, Dec. 15 -- Scientists may have figured out one reason some people reach for the french fries instead of an apple. It could be a g▓ene that's been linked to an increased risk of obesi

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ty. A study of children found those with a common variation ▓of the gene tend to overeat high-calorie foods. They ate 100 extra calories per meal, whi▓ch over the long term can put on

weight, said Colin Palmer, ▓who led the study at the University of Dundee in Scotland.The findings don't mean that everyone with that version of th▓e gene will eat too much and become obese,


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he said. They just might have a tendency to eat more fattening foods."It's still your choice," he said. "

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This gene will not make you overweight if you do not overeat." Palmer said the results support the theory that childh▓ood obesity t

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lture Minist er Ilse Aign er banned cultivation an d sale of GM O maize of type ▓MON 810 produced by U.S. seed giant Mo nanto. Aigner stated she would mak e a new review o f an applic▓ation for open-air trial cultivat ion of the GMO potato Amflo▓ra deve loped by German group BASF鈥攚hich is not yet involv ed in commercial p lantings. Rela ted stories:BE 根河市wap 双城市5G 怀柔区5G 临猗县5G 吉安县5G 逊克县5G 大冶市5G 深州市wap 方正县wap 琼海市wap 十堰市5G 靖州苗族侗族自治县wap 阳泉市5G 合江县wap 大石桥市wap 永泰县5G 福安市wap 遵义市5G 正安县5G 绩溪县wap 传奇私服加速器排行榜 新开传奇私服发布网站 新开电信传奇私服1.76 传奇私服安卓版 手机版 传奇私服bug漏洞论坛 传奇私服176精品复古 热血传奇私服1.80合击 传奇私服脱机脚本教程 冰雪传奇私服攻略 传奇私服网站今日新服